Stitch Fix Unboxing….

Happiest of Fridays to everyone!  I am coming to you with my decision about the 5 items from the Stitch Fix I got on Wednesday.  Here’s a link to the live unboxing: BlessedAF Beauty from my new beauty group, and this is a screenshot of me falling in love with one of the items. It really was love at first sight! 😂

Normally, I just get seasonal fixes, and was going to wait until the spring, but winter is going strong here and spring is too far away.  I asked my stylist for some new cute, cozy, warm clothes, in grays, black or neutrals because that is my current winter vibe.  So guess what?  The stylist sent me 2 pink sweaters and a dark pink (kind of merlot) jacket.  Am I way off here, or is pink for sure not a neutral???  One of the sweaters was cute and soft, but bright pink.  The other sweater was shorter than I like my clothes to fall at the waist, a blush pink that was practically beige (on my list of never send me that color), and it had cuffs at the wrists that were a little weird.  The jacket felt more like a cape, with a weird side button closure at the left shoulder, and I am not little red riding hood.

I also said I could be into trying a cold shoulder top.  She sent my an off the shoulder top.  Perhaps I wasn’t specific enough, but these are two different things.  I have never met a strapless bra that I like or does its job.  Cold shoulder tops = regular bras, while off the shoulder tops = strapless bras.  So while the top was cute, and the correct color scheme in black, that sucker got sent back with all the pink.

Girl redeemed herself a little with my new favorite piece of clothing, the coziest jacket ever.  It’s a light jacket that feels like I am wearing a blanket.  And it’s black and gray with faux white shearling.  Stitch Fix calls the jacket from Splendid “Flowa Faux Shearling Jacket,” but Amazon calls it Splendid Women’s Loopine Lounge Jacket, Heathernatural, S Besides the color, mine is just like that one.

I let Stitch Fix know I wasn’t super impressed, when I checked out and purchased the jacket.  We will see what they do.  Sometimes they offer to waive the next styling fee.  My mom got a funny email from them, when she sent an entire fix back, with an apology and a picture of a sad girl throwing her arms in the air and walking away.  My mom is an enigma to the stylists.  Either they get her 100% or 0%, no in between.  And it’s supposedly the same stylist each time, according to the note, but I don’t think that’s true.  I am normally a huge fan of my fixes, so this was a fluke in my book, and I will definitely be getting more fixes in the probably not too distant future.

Too see all the items, check out my live video: BlessedAF Beauty and please join that group to see all my live videos.  For sure, find the one with me wearing one of these Pretty Animalz by masqueBAR Tiger Mask, Yellow doing an Ipsy review, if you need a good giggle.

Hope your weekend is fab!  I’m looking forward to SLEEP tomorrow morning.  This first week back to school was ROUGH, and even though it was only 4 days, it was a long one.  What are you up to this weekend?

(Amazon Affiliate links in this post.  Same price for you, tiny percentage to me for sharing the products with you.  And for the amount of money I’ve spent on Amazon, it’s high time they start giving me some too 😉 )


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