Scent Bird Verdict

Scent Bird is a subscription box for perfume.  You can choose to get it monthly, every other month, or once every three months.  It’s also customizable for how many scents you receive from one to three.  I decided to get one scent every three months because I have a lot of perfume already.  More info on the box here: My first Scent Bird 🦅<<<<<
second Scent Bird, I chose Burberry Brit Sheer.  They recommended it based on other perfumes I like.  Super fun, right?  And I LOVE IT!!!  This card came with it, describing the notes of the scent.  I really want to meet one of the people who write these things.

ent is perfect for spring, light and fresh smelling.  It's not overly floral at all.

Scent Bird's motto is "Date perfumes before marrying them."  Super good idea, right?  Wanna try a month of Scent Bird for free? Gifted Scent, from Carla to You<<<<<
ing to have to buy a bigger bottle when this scent runs out.  I checked Amazon, and they have roller version of Brit Sheer.  I love rollers because you can safely take them with you, just like the cute cases from Scent Bird.

What are your current faves for perfumes?  Have you tried any of the other ones from Burberry?  I like this one so much, I need to check the other ones out!




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